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Smoked for over 30 years and stopped after only 1 session!

I had smoked for over 20 years solid, and then spent another 10 years calling myself a "weekend smoker" – but a smoker is a smoker. My clothes reeked of smoke, my kids were concerned about my health and the weekend habit still caused a ton of grief with my asthma (really stupid to smoke, I know, but hooked is hooked) – PLUS it always led back to full-time smoking regardless of what I called it.

I had tried every method I could think of – the patch, just going cold turkey, gum, anti-smoking programs, etc. Nothing ever really worked for me – I’d always end up back at ground zero eventually.

But Mike’s method – the very first time I tried it – has worked for me. I’m going on my first full year as a non-smoker – completely - no weekend smoking, no "maybe just this one time" cigarettes, no "stressed-out" cigarettes – nothing. I was amazed at first, but it has gotten even better.

It has gotten to the point that every "ex-smoker wannabe" dreams of – cigarettes don’t even cross my mind anymore – even when I’m bored and once upon a time would have thought I "needed" them the most. I can smell it when someone in the car in front of me is smoking and it disgusts me – I go out of my way to avoid smokers as if I hadn’t smoked for 30 years. That sounds bad in a way, I suppose, but I only say it to illustrate how well and how strongly Mike’s program worked for me, and how much I believe in it.

I honestly believe Mike did me a lifesaving favor – my lungs feel fantastic and I can run, walk, whatever I want without the coughing hack and 100-pound weight on my chest that cigarettes gave me.

Brad F – Blue Springs, Missouri

Lost 62 pounds in 5 months after only 1 session!

I was hypnotized by Mike on August 2, 2010 for weight loss. I weighed a half pound short of 200 pounds that day, but I was highly motivated and wanted very much to lose weight and get healthy. I found the session to be very relaxing and had never been hypnotized before. The suggestions Mike made to my subconscious were very helpful. He told me to drink lots of water, eat healthy and exercise. Even though I had dieted off and on many times over the years, I found that this was different. When I got hungry, I was reaching for fruits and vegetables—not cookies, and I began making good eating choices. I started on an exercise routine that I now really enjoy, and the pounds started coming off. I didn’t think about it or worry about it, but knew that the outcome was going to be good. I really wanted to be successful and knew that even though the hypnotism was a fabulous tool, I would still have to do the work to get the weight off, and his suggestions really helped keep me motivated. The weight came off gradually, but consistently. On January 10, 2011, I weigh 138 pounds and am very happy with the results with Mike’s help and highly recommend him and his methods to anyone who is serious and ready to make the commitment to lose weight and get in shape.

Nancy N - Lake Quivera, Kansas

Smoked for over 25 years and stopped after only 1 session!

I had smoked for over 18 years and figured that I’d always be a smoker. The only time I ever quit was about 8 years ago while I was pregnant with my baby girl. I was able to quit cold turkey because I didn’t want my smoking habit to affect my baby and wanted to give her a healthy start in life.

Soon after she was born, I started smoking again and had smoked ever since. I’ve always hated the way cigarettes made my hair smell; not to mention my clothes, my car, and basically everything I owned and touched. Since I wanted to protect my little girl from secondhand smoke and didn’t want her to know I smoked, I would always sneak away for a cigarette, but she soon figured out what I was doing because she could smell the smoke on me.

I felt horrible that I was unable to quit, and felt guilty for having to hide my smoking habit from my daughter and lie about why I would disappear for a few minutes several times a day. I met Mike at a social event and he told me he was a hypnotherapist. I really didn’t know anything about hypnotherapy, so Mike took the time to explain to me how hypnosis worked, and told me that if I was serious about quitting, I should make an appointment and should be able to stop smoking after only one session.

I was very skeptical that anything could help me kick my habit, and since I was a single mother, I was also a bit apprehensive about spending money on something I wasn’t sure would work, but then I realized, how can you put a price on your health, and possibly your and your family’s life?

I was very nervous when I went in for my appointment; however, Mike was so patient and understanding that he made sure I was completely comfortable and answered all my questions before the session began. After driving home from my session, I was amazed that I’d driven all that way without having any urge at all for a cigarette. I stopped smoking that day after only one session and have never smoked again.

I do have to admit that after several months of being a non-smoker I was going through a very stressful time in my life, and out of nowhere I got the urge for a cigarette. I was very surprised because that was the first time since my hypnosis session. Although I didn’t light up, it did kind of freaked me out, and since I knew I didn’t want to take a chance of wanting to start smoking again, I called Mike and he had me come into his office the very next day for a follow-up session. Because Mike charges a flat fee for his services, it didn’t cost me anything for my follow-up visit even though it was several months after my initial visit. Since my follow-up session I have never had another urge to smoke, even during stressful time.

I can never thank Mike enough for helping me become a non-smoker, and I highly recommend his smoking cessation hypnotherapy program if you are serious about quitting.

Amy W – Blue Springs, Missouri

Lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks after only 1 session!

My son's wedding was in 4 weeks and instead of losing weight, I had gained so much that my dress was too tight. I was feeling very defeated. My sister suggested that we work together to lose weight before the wedding. Our plan included a hypnotherapy session with Mike. I was a non-believer, but I thought it couldn't hurt and I was curious about it.

Mike contacted me a few days before the session for our pre-consultation. He tailored my session to the needs I expressed. I told him I needed to stop drinking 6 diet cokes a day, change to water, and stop eating handfuls of M & M's 4 or 5 times a day at work. I told him about my desire to fit the dress for the wedding. He included all of this and more in my session.

The session was very simple and relaxing. To my surprise, when I left, I had no desire for Diet Coke or M&M's. I stopped those habits immediately with no remorse. I started drinking water all day. All of my eating and exercise habits improved. It still took commitment on my part, but my motivation was high and I did not feel deprived. Three weeks and 3 days later, I left for my son's wedding 14 pounds lighter. Thank you, Mike!

Janet S – Gladstone, Missouri

Smoked for over 25 years and stopped after only 1 session!

I had had tried patches, gum and cold turkey and had never been able to break my smoking habit. I was skeptical that anything would work, but I had to do something to quit.

I tell you, I quit smoking 9 months ago after only one session, and I have never looked back. Because of Mike's hypnosis technique, I have had no cravings and no breakdowns. I have been given the coping mechanisms of learning how to deal with some really tough situations that in the past, would have led me right back to smoking.

Mike has saved my life, and I can never thank him enough for giving me back control.

Laura F – Blue Springs, Missouri

Visited a past life and The Other Side to find answers about life’s purpose

For many months I questioned myself about my goals and dreams in life. I felt as though my life was going nowhere in a hurry. Time was ticking and I still wasn’t sure if I was fulfilling my purpose in life. I believe everyone has a purpose, but was I living up to mine?

I had heard about hypnotherapy and had always wondered if it really worked, and wondered if it could help shed some light on my “life’s purpose.” Even though the usual forms of self-help and inspirational books were helpful, I still felt I needed to know what I should be doing with my life; a question I asked myself constantly, yet only found conflicting answers. So I decided to visit Mike.

Yes, I was very nervous, but Mike put me at ease. He was very easy to talk too and he understood exactly how I felt. We discussed what all hypnotherapy could do for me and my quest for answers. I had no idea that with hypnotherapy you could visit past lives and visit with deceased relatives to find answers to current question. This seemed like as good of a place to start as any, since I truly felt as if I had lost my way a long time ago!

In our session, Mike guided me back through my childhood, birth and then to another life. It was strange how easy we passed back through time and how comforting it was to see who I was before. It is a long story who I was, and what I experienced, but suffice it to say I saw my current husband (who I always felt we had been together forever), witnessed our wedding day, the birth of our two kids and observed my death scene. It was absolutely amazing!

After a visit to my previous life, I visited an “in-between” place that Mike refers to as The Other Side. My deceased grandmother was there to greet me, as well as my spirit guide and many others. I was able to visit with them and ask questions of who I am and what I am supposed to be achieving in this life. I was so relieved to find the answers to my questions.

The journey I took helped me discover more about myself. I am grateful for the answers and look forward to continuing my life with the right purpose. Thanks Mike!

Christina M – Blue Springs, Missouri

Smoked for 35 years and stopped after only 1 session!

Mike - I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that it will be 6 weeks tomorrow since I visited your office for smoking cessation hypnotherapy. I am happy to say that I smoked my last cigarette on the way into your office that Friday morning, and have not even had a puff of one since I walked out!

Lisa O – Independence, Missouri

Smoked for 30 years and stopped after only 1 session!

After 30 years of smoking and countless attempts to quit, I had become a prisoner to my habit.

I am proud to say “I AM FREE!” and after just one session!

Thank you Mike for setting me free!

Dave L – Lee's Summit, Missouri